hey, I'm Brenna. I'm a portrait and intimate wedding and elopement photographer based out of Vancouver bc. I create images of wild-hearted, adventurous, passionate couples who can't get enough of each other. 



in my business i value vulnerability. it's at the core of what my best photographs are made of. 


about me

I'm a young woman who's grown up loving and leaning on photography in periods of time throughout my life. Self-portraiture was where it started and where I still turn often to express myself. If we meet in person you'll find that I'm easy-going, silly, play with my hair way too much, and am probably not as hip as the photos above make me look. 

I draw huge inspiration from our gorgeous west-coast. I feel most at home making images amongst the elements - it's raw, wild, and often unpredictable. Just like love. 

I’m self-aware to a fault, with a list a mile long of things I want to do, places I want to visit, people I want to photograph, and goals I want to accomplish. I feel experiences deeply, get emotional easily, and am fiercely independent. Often I find beauty in the details, in the feelings of a moment, how the light looks when it streams through the blinds or through the trees. I love messy hair, brides who don't care about dirty dresses, and great vegan thai food.  I believe that crying is good for you and laughing is even better. I cherish and know the value of being trusted to witness one of your most important relationships and moments of your lives. I know that getting real and letting me see you in front of a camera isn't easy - but it's worth it.  




perfectly, imperfect moments 

peru adventure

My faves

travel, road trips, camping, reading, swimming in lakes, city adventures with friends, fresh socks, realizing that there is no place you'd rather be than where you are right now, avocados with salt and pepper, strawberries by the carton, chocolate in mass quantities, yoga, blundstones and birkenstocks (also with socks), late august evenings, the easy silence when hanging out with an old friend, the sound of cool rain while you're sitting in a car or tent, music festivals, sunrises and sunsets, the first breath of air off a plane in a new country, physical photo albums, meaningful and vulnerable conversation, plant based eating, people watching, hiking, staying out, sleeping in (in that order), the way that natural light plays and falls on buildings and homes, watching someone talk about something they are passionate about.


if there was one thing you should know about me

I'm an outdoorsy person. Gimme dirty legs, sore feet, blasting wind, crinkly sleeping bags damp with dew, sun/rain/fog/snow, or a backpack loaded up for a few days of trekking and I'll honestly be a happy camper. Adventuring (particularily in the mountains, but I'm not that picky) fills my soul up more than anything else I can think of - sure, there are rivals (chocolate, big hugs from my family members, alone time), but when you get deep into the woods and your legs are tired and your cheeks are hot and there's nothing else to do in that moment other than be... I find that there's a lot of truth in that. When the hustle and the notifications and the expectations of your daily life are gone - what's left? It's nice to go and find out sometimes. I've realized that I'm most peaceful, clear-minded, joyful, inspired, and present when I'm "out there".