wild, passionate, adventurous love.

I'm all about photographing the relaxed days,the ADVENTUROUS couples who are down to explore with me and have a ton of fun creating emotional imagery in the process.


i want to be genuine in all aspects of my life and business. and to be true to my artistic self, I have to photograph what I connect with and truly love documenting.

I've chosen to photograph intimate and adventurous weddings, elopements, and portraits.

I connect best with the couples blazing their own path and making their own rules, curating their wedding with intention. If your photographer is going to be another checkmark on your list of vendors, we might not be the best fit. I love working with couples who are stoked about the photography process, who prioritize their photos, and whose relationship is at the forefront of their wedding.


I'm chasing after that emotion, yearning for mood, and embracing the double chins that emerge when you and your person fall into a fit of giggles.


can't-get-enough of you,  messy love

i'm for the couples who are craving photographs that feel like "them". the kind that are centered around your experience of home in eachothers arms. 


"When my husband and I decided to fast-track our wedding, we knew our chances of finding a quality photographer on such short notice were incredibly slim. When I reached out to Brenna, she was so incredibly accommodating and willing to be our photographer, and we truly think that booking her was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Friends and family members have reached out to ask us who our photographer was, and to tell us how incredibly talented she is (and we definitely agree!). Brenna is amazing at making everyone feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, and she has an eye for detail that is unmatched. We are so lucky to know Brenna and to have been able to share our wedding with her. I cannot possibly say enough good things about Brenna and her skills as a photographer, but it isn’t really necessary anyways, because her pictures speak for themselves. We are forever grateful for the memories she captured and the energy she brought to our wedding."

- Sean + Bailey, august2016