I get seriously restless if I don't have a significant trip looming on the horizon. For me travelling holds an intoxicating mix of things I love about life: culture, people, photography, exploring, problem solving, independence, hiking, new knowledge, food, and rich experiences not found in your own hometown. Each corner of the globe holds something unique and I hope to see as much of this world as I can. 

I'm an avid and experienced global explorer - I'm all about living the hostel life and am motivated to not cost my couples much more than logistical travel expenses. Obviously I love getting to explore new destinations photographing like-minded adventurous couples and give them some amazing images that capture their experience. Since I usually I have some adventures planned for myself, if my travel plans match up with yours, it means big discounts in some awesome locations. I'm a super flexible person - the type of backpacker that usually gets on a plane with little more than a nights stay in the first location booked. Hello spontaneity! So if we're going to be close-ish, we can make something work. Or, if you and your honey decide that you want to elope this weekend in Lagos... well, my bags are packed and my passport is ready ;) Lets go!