we're going to get to know each other.


I truly view my work as two way street, a partnership in creating the images that you're after. When we show up to a shoot, we're not going to phone it in. You're definitely not passive subjects. We're going to laugh and run, be serious and silly, and have a ton of fun. I'm going to ask you questions. It's basically me being an epic third-wheel on your date. It'll probably get personal - but that's what this is, isn't it? We're photographing your deepest relationship and I'm all about that nitty-gritty. Of course I have the knowledge of what light looks good or funky creative ideas now and then (big nods to the couples who don't even question them), but mostly we're going for candid imagery that reflects you as a couple. 


If there's one piece of advice that I could give to my couples, it would be this: you get out of it what you put in. I can't stress this enough. If you're after relaxed, natural, real moments captured then you have to be relaxed, natural, and willing to become vulnerable in front of my camera and me. I want to capture the real stuff, the in-between stuff. I can't make you look carefree if you're worrying about how you look or if your partner is smiling the way you want them to smile. I know that's not easy. Being in front of the camera can be intimidating - but part of what I bring to the experience is helping you to feel comfortable to let me see who you are together. It's just part of my job description. We'll get the ones cheesin' for grandma on the mantle, but mostly we're after capturing the look that only you two share. If you want perfectly put together and posed photos, then I'm probably not the photographer for you. I'm chasing after that emotion, yearning for mood, and embracing the double chins that emerge when you and your person fall into a fit of giggles. I hold space for you to forget them I'm there, let down your guard to be natural and immersed in your own moments together. I care a lot about delivering images that feel like you and your partner. 


My favorite photographs of myself are never the technically perfect ones - they're the ones that capture the essence of who I was in that moment, and they and can bring me right back to that point in time. Lets make photos like that, together.