there's something about photographing graduations that feels so so special to me.

I truly look forward to graduation season every year because I feel honoured, hopeful, and (so!!!) excited about photographing beautiful, accomplished, grads that are excited about the future. To me, graduation felt like the cumulation of all that my friends and I were working towards for 13 years together - it was that one day (aside from our weddings, we'd always say!) that we'd get to put on a long gown, feel like a princess, and celebrate being "finally" finished high school. What an exciting and incredible feeling. 

I know from 5 years of photographing graduations that this day is a whole lot more than just the glam and the sparkle - though I'm not going to deny that it's one of my favourite parts. I've witnessed fathers getting teary-eyed at seeing their daughters for the first time in their gown and I've witnessed best friends who have grown up together say to each other "we made it". These moments are some of the ones that continue to bring me back to photographing grads, over and over again. Photographing you and your friends looking absolutely stunning (and handsome!), and helping to make the special and irreplaceable moments ones that you'll always remember is my number one goal. Whether it's just you and your BFF, you and your boyfriend, or your #squad of 6 girls, I've got you covered capturing those genuine moments and beautiful memories of the "other" day you get to wear a beautiful gown (or tux) and feel like the beautiful person you are, inside and out. 

Some examples of my work are above, and if you feel like I might be a good fit to photograph you on your grad day, click here to contact me and I'll send over a specially made brochure outlining the ins-and-outs of the grad packages and pricing I offer. 

grad collections start at $200