Adventure Logs // Cát Bà Island + Hạ Long Bay

 I'm off on a solo adventure travelling around South East Asia for several months this winter during my "off-season" as a wedding photographer in Vancouver, BC. I'm excited to share images from my trip and I hope you'll follow along - and also keep in mind any adventurous or travelling couples that would enjoy these images or who are looking for a photographer for their elopement or wedding in a far flung corner of the world. 

A little less than a month ago I took a 3 day tour to visit Cát Bà Island and the famous UNESCO World Heritage site Hạ Long Bay. It's a total "can't miss" destination when you're exploring Vietnam. It's such a dramatic area that whether or not you have beautiful blue skies, or a moody and misty atmosphere you won't be disapointed either way.

Typical of a hostel organized tour, this was a whirlwind of a trip. The "hurry up and wait" feeling tthat is synonymous with travelling in organized groups in this part of the world is definitely present, but it's all part of the adventure and you certainly have time to get to know your fellow travellers around you. We sailed + swam in and around Hạ Long bay, enjoyed some time on Hideaway Island where we stayed in these waterfront bungalows, took a beautiful bike ride to a hiking trail on Cát Bà (my favorite part and could have explored via bike all day), and hiked to a viewpoint. There was some kayaking involved, meals were provided, and there was nightly partying that may or may not have gotten the best of me one night. Overall a super fun way to be social with new friends and get to enjoy and relax amongst one of the most incredible landscapes I've ever seen (though you'll hear me say this a lot about Vietnam - what an incredible country).

I was totally blown away by the  and the fishing villages that families have lived and worked on forever. Entire communities exist amongst the limestone cliffs in the bay and it's incredible to think that many people live their whole lives on these little homes on the water.