Leanna + Colin // vancouver couple photographer

Photographing Leanna and Colin was an absolute dream come true. They have such an incredible chemistry and comfort with each other that is so evident in these images - picking the photos for this blog post was difficult and I wanted to share everything, so it's a LONG one, folks (you've been warned!!). We headed down to 3rd beach in Stanley Park the week prior and were met with a sprinkling of rain and grey clouds - which was okay... but we really wanted to hold out for some beautiful light. I can say now that I'm so glad that we did! This was one of the first beautiful days in March and even though it was still freezing cold (spot the goosebumps ;)) the sun and sunset were so worth it.

These two are in an exciting point in their relationship - Leanna is graduating from university, and moving to Vancouver to finally end a long season of long distance! I've been friends with Leanna on social media and have been itching to meet and photograph her and Colin mainly because they're so adorable together. I was blown away by how much fun they were having during their shoot. It's a true testament to how I feel about photo sessions: you get out of it what you put in. If you're relaxed and happy and excited about taking photographs, and willing to try and forget I'm there and have fun... well, you're going to end up with beautiful images that really reflect and show that ease and excitement. Leanna and Colin were hopping up on rocks, sticking their toes in the water, and giggling the whole way through - I love couples who aren't afraid to take risks or get a little dirty in order for a good shot. These two are so absolutely in love and it was such a treat to get to photograph and document their relationship. It's been so hard narrowing down what I want to show from this session - but here's (more than a few!) favourites from that evening. Enjoy!